Culture and history

Hólar’s rich history reaches back to the time of settlement. It has been a centre of culture of learning since the 12th Century when it became an episcopal see for the North of Iceland.

Pay a visit to Iceland’s oldest stone church, the iconic Hólar cathedral, built in 1783, and explore the daily lives of Icelanders in centuries past by visiting Nýibær turfhouse.

Visit the Icelandic Horse History Centre, a museum showcasing the tight-knit relationship between horse and human throughout Icelandic history.

Further afield in Skagafjörður you will find a variety of exciting historical museums, such as the Glaumbær Folk Museum, the Icelandic Heritage Centre, and 1238: The Battle of Iceland where you can experience history through Virtual Reality.

Events and conferences

With our emphasis on responsible tourism, Hólar is a perfect location for conferences and events.

We regularly host events such as our Wellness Weekends, and offer the service of organising tailor-made weekend visits for groups.

Last but not least – don’t miss our annual Beer Festival!

The Great Outdoors

Explore beautiful Hólar and the surrounding valley. We offer a number of excellent hiking paths, guiding you from forest to mountaintop. Walk up to Gvendarskál, the Quarry,  or hike mount Elliði. 

You can also make Hólar your base camp, and explore the whole Skagafjörður area: Have a spa day in one of the swimming pools near by, go horseback riding or play a game of golf. 

You also have the option to go fishing, bird-watching, kayaking or even river rafting. One thing is for certain, you won’t run out of options soon!

Kaffi Hólar

Hólar takes great pride in its excellent food, which is both locally sourced and reasonably priced!

Join us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and experience our excellent local foods prepared in a manner that will delight your tastebuds!

A Wonderful Wellness Weekend at Hólar

Hólar offers exciting and invigorating Wellness Weekends, suitable to either individuals, couples, or groups. 

The Weekend starts on Friday evening with beer tasting and a light dinner, followed by a line-dancing course to shake off the week and create a good group atmosphere.

After breakfast on Saturday, the group goes for a guided walk around Hólar forest and the nature outside the village, with a knowledgable local that knows the forest and the area’s history like the back of his hand. On select dates, reverend Solveig Lára Guðmundsdóttir offers couples or marriage counselling, a service couples can book on-location if they are interested.

Later that day, we have an exciting event where guests learn all about wild game, goose and reindeer, and how it is handled. This is of course followed by a gourmet wild game dinner served at Kaffi Hólar.

Sunday morning is relaxed, and the breakfast is followed with a course on present consciousness, with light exercises to find your inner calm. And for those it would suit, there is Sunday service at the Hólar cathedral. 

A calm and serene ending of a pleasent weekend, leaving you both reenergized and relaxed. The Sunday lunch brings an end to the formal weekend schedule.


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Wellness Weekend at Hólar

08 Oct 2021, 16:00 – 10 Oct 2021, 14:00
Hólar, Iceland

Wellness Weekend and Couple's Therapy at Hólar

15 Oct 2021, 16:00 – 17 Oct 2021, 20:00
Hólar, Iceland

Wellness Weekend at Hólar

22 Oct 2021, 16:00 – 24 Oct 2021, 20:00
Hólar, Iceland

Wild game - buffet

06 Nov 2021, 19:15 – 07 Nov 2020, 02:00
Hólar, Iceland