Gústaf Gústafsson, the manager of Hjaltadalur Travel Ltd. has an MSc in Responsible Tourism Management and is currently undergoing a PHD in the same field. He is also an adjunct at the Rural Tourism Department at Holar University.

Our aim is to make Hólar a better place to live in and thereby a better place to visit – using Responsible tourism as a tool towards a more sustainable future.

We take responsibility for our guests, staff and other stakeholders, our operations and impact on the local and wider community. 

We recognize that it is important to create opportunities for locals, consider their needs, and include local stakeholders in our decision making process. We also emphasize fair distribution of economic gain.

In keeping with our goal of sustainability, our menu offers food that is mostly produced in the area and we try to minimize food waste and other waste. We offer fair prices to our customers and treat our workers fairly – we oppose all discrimination of any kind.

We have made significant progress Over the past year to identify our tasks for taking responsibility. Our goal is to report our findings, actions and efforts yearly. 

In 2022 we hope to continue on the road to more sustainability with a number of interesting projects ahead. We hope to define in cooperation with local stakeholders what are the most important issues regarding Responsible Tourism so that we can target those specifically in cooperation with our partners. Before the end of year 2022 we aim to be able to offer full accessibility of at least two accommodation units to people with disabilities. 

COVID – 19: We comply with the health measures published by the Icelandic Tourist Board, The Icelandic Directorate of Health and the World Travel & Tourism Council to try to minimize risk and ensure the welfare of our local community, staff and guests