There is a variety of option for one-day hikes in the area surrounding Hólar, both short and long, marked and unmarked.

We recommend that travelers stop by the tourist centre which is located at the University’s main building and pick up a map of hiking trails for the area.

For those who prefer a light stroll it is nice to follow the History-Trail (“Söguslóð”) which is a marked hiking trail around the Hólar area. It is relatively short and easy, and also suitable for children.  

Hólaskógur forest is another lovely walk to enjoy nature, with a variety of marked hiking trails across the forest. 

You can also march up to Gvendarskál for some excellent view, which is about 1.5 – 3 hours walk from Hólar and the hiking trail is moderately difficult. At Gvendarskál there is a stone that is called the Altar of Guðmundur (Gvendaraltari), where Guðmundur Arason the Good used to come up to and pray, and is now a protected relic.  

Longer hikes

There are also many options for longer hikes. For example you could continue on from Gvendarskál, past Grjótárdalur valley and from there up to the top of the Hólabyrða mountain.

There, you can enjoy the magnificent view as the the mountain rises 1244 m, towering over the surrounding mountains. The journey takes between 4-6 hours, and is moderately difficult. This route is also marked with sticks.

Again we recommend the aforementioned map of hiking trails that you can find at the University’s main building.